Nicole Warshauer

Hi, I’m Nicole

I build engaged communities.

I’m one part marketer and one part word wrangler, often fueled by baked goods and a well-placed Oxford comma.

I’m best known for delivering carefully crafted marketing strategies that create communities of brand evangelists.

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A bit about me

In the 15+ years I’ve been a legit, full-time working adult, I’ve led high-performing teams of digital marketers, community managers, and content creators. My experience spans tech to education, with key strengths in marketing strategy, content management, and community development.

I’ve led community-focused marketing initiatives for some wonderful companies and brands, including the likes of Yelp, Trusted Health, General Assembly, Dribbble, Dior Cosmetics, The Mom Project,, Chase, MAC, and a bunch more.

When I’m not working on marketing and community things, I like to binge-watch various TV series, eat brownies, and do yoga, just not all at the same time.

Why community?

Community is the connection that your audience has with your product, your service, and your brand. When you engage your community, you build trust, authority, and goodwill. Every company could use a little more of that tremendous trifecta.

Nicole's experience in logos

What I do

I create marketing strategies for companies that want to offer more than just an interesting service or a pretty product. My community-first focus ensures that companies engage with their target audience through the most impactful channels.

Brand Identity Building

What do you want your brand or company to be known for? We’ll articulate a brand identity, personality, and voice that will serve as the foundation for all your marketing communications.

Community Development

Trying to make inroads with your local audience? We’ll craft an outreach plan and outline the strategies you need to connect with your target community.

Copy & Content Strategy

Need words? Let’s get you some good ones and a great process for creating remarkable, consistent content that resonates with your audience.

Hiring & Team Building

Do you need day-to-day marketing and community support to amplify your product or service? We’ll create a custom solution so you can bring aboard hires who will engage and retain your audience. 

Marketing Strategy

Do you have a new business segment or lofty campaign idea but you're not quite sure where to begin? We’ll strategize a plan to connect with your audience through specific, community-focused opportunities.

Not exactly sure what you need?

Let’s chat. If I can’t help you, I’ll do my best to connect you with someone who can.

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Peruse some recent work of mine

Trusted Health

Community Marketing


Virtual events


Community growth


Instagram engagement growth

In the spring of 2020, I ideated and launched a community program for Trusted Health, a career platform for the modern nurse.

This community program included virtual events, bespoke marketing campaigns, social media promotion, brand development, community ambassadors, and content creation.

Trusted Health Project
Innovations for Learning

Community Management Program


Community tutor growth


tutor growth


Engagement growth

At Innovations for Learning, an e-literacy nonprofit organization, I built a community management program that connected thousands of corporate and community tutors to under-resourced first-grade classrooms. These tutors helped their students learn to read through weekly, online sessions that built literacy skills and fostered a joy for reading.


Community & Marketing Leadership


Local business events


Yearly e-newsletter growth


Yearly community engagement growth

During my 7+ years at Yelp, I built and led a team of talented community managers across the Midwest. To further activate growth in Yelp communities, I created a new role to amplify online engagement — the Online Community Ambassador. Additionally, I directed all of the editorial content for 85+ writers on the Yelp Community Blog, the official voice of the Yelp Community Management Team.


Global Design Survey


Landing page traffic


LinkedIn follower growth


Campaign blog post traffic

In December 2019, I executed a fully integrated marketing and communications campaign with the goals of building community and establishing authority in the design community. This campaign included an interactive landing page, exportable full-results PDF, PR efforts, social media campaign, and a flurry of blog posts.

We reached our 30-day site traffic goal in just three days and landed seven media hits, including articles in USA Today and Fast Company.

Dribbble global design survey

Kind words from excellent clients

Gabi Messinger
Gabi Messinger
Yelp VP of Community
Ryan Arruda
Ryan Arruda
Dribbble Content Manager
Renee Fleck
Renee Fleck
Dribbble Content Manager

Engage your community

Whether you’re looking to execute a massive marketing campaign, nail your brand identity, or want to discuss content strategy, I’m here to help you build and engage your audience. Use this form or email me at

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Introductory call

We’ll kick things off with an introductory video chat so I can learn about your problem and opportunity.

Scope of work

I’ll dive into your existing community and target market insights to build a scope of work tailored to your goals.

Project/Contract start

Once we’re aligned with the scope of work and necessary paperwork, I’ll get crackin’ on strategy and deliverables.

Consistent communication

Expect regular (weekly) communication from me — I’ll share milestones, ask for feedback, and provide notes along the way.

Wrap up

I’ll share final deliverables and provide any additional recommendations for future marketing and community engagement.

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